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Staff Members


Dr T K Kalra (Female)

Dr R S Uberoi (Male)

Dr K Munasinghe (Female)

Dr T Rashid (Male)

Dr R Dosanjh (Female)


Ms Thelma Othenio

Ms Ernestine Matthews


Shadia Ali (Advanced Nurse Practitioner)

Anneka Palmer


Minhaz Bashar (Practice Manger)

Taheera Hamid (Assistant Manager)

Patient’s charter

These are guidelines to inform patients of their rights and of the facilities available at the Crawley Road Medical Centre. It does not affect your statutory right or other charter rights in any way. Patients have a right to :
  1. Have acess to a doctor for urgent and routine problems.
  2. Have acess to a nurse  for urgent and routine problems.
  3. Be referred for further test or treatment of the doctor thinks this is appropriate.
  4. Be offered a wide range of facilities expected of a good general practice including child surveillance, heath promotion, well woman clinic, asthma and diabetic clinic and a whole host of other services.

In a spirit of co-operation, we expect our patients to adhere to the guidelines set out in the following sections:


Help us to help you

It is our aim to offer you the best possible service and you will be seen within a reasonable time of development of a medical problem. However, to help us give you the service we require you assistance where possible in the following ways:

  1. Always book a routine appointment for non-urgent problems.
  2. Always attend the surgery whenever possible: home visits are only for those patients who are too ill or too frail to attend.
  3. Always ring the surgery before 10:30 am for visit/emergencies if all possible.
  4. Always treat the receptionists and staff members with courtesy and respect and they will do likewise.
  5. Keep us informed of your correct contact details so we can contact you when necessary.
  6. Only ring the emergency number if your problem cannot wait until the surgery is open.


Zero Tolerance policy

This practise fully supports and subscribes to the NHS Zero Tolerance campaign against unacceptable behaviour. Any patient who verbally abuses or shows aggression to any member of staff will be removed from our list.